genotyping of canadian field strains of infectious bursal disease virus.for this retrospective study, infectious bursal disease virus (ibdv) was detected in 134 bursal samples that originated from flocks with conditions such as airsacculitis, tracheitis, pneumonia, septicaemia, inclusion body hepatitis, coccidiosis, and/or a history of production problems without overt clinical symptoms. samples were from seven canadian provinces: ontario, quebec, manitoba, british columbia, nova scotia, alberta, and newfoundland and labrador. viral rna was identified in bursae with ...200717899469
genotyping of canadian isolates of fowl adenoviruses.five hundred and seventy-three clinical submissions with fowl adenovirus (fadv) involvement were examined to investigate the association of different types of fadv with clinical problems related to fadv infection. samples were received from 2000 to 2006 and originated from seven canadian provinces. four hundred and eighty-seven submissions were inclusion body hepatitis (ibh) related, while 86 were not ibh related. viruses isolated from 287 samples were further analysed by hexon gene loop 1 seque ...200818202956
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