epidemiology of infection by nontuberculous mycobacteria. mycobacterium avium, mycobacterium intracellulare, and mycobacterium scrofulaceum in acid, brown-water swamps of the southeastern united states and their association with environmental variables.mycobacterium avium, mycobacterium intracellulare, and mycobacterium scrofulaceum (mais) organisms were isolated and identified from waters, soils, aerosols, and droplets ejected from water collected from four geographically separate aquatic environments (okefenokee swamp, ga; dismal swamp, va; claytor lake, va; and cranberry glades, wv) during several seasons. recovery of mais was significantly higher from waters, soils, and aerosols collected from the two acid, brown-water swamps located in th ...19921736730
primary mycobacterium avium complex infections correlate with lowered cellular immune reactivity in matschie's tree kangaroos (dendrolagus matschiei).the national zoological park has maintained a breeding colony of matschie's tree kangaroos (dendrolagus matschiei) since 1975 with a documented history and continued prevalence of mycobacterium avium complex (mac) infections. no evidence of immunosuppressive retrovirus infections or loss of heterozygosity that may have led to an immune dysfunction in these animals was found. isolates of mac organisms from affected tree kangaroos and from their environment had no common restriction fragment dna t ...19989815225
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