[mycobacteria-hiv/aids association in patients attending a teaching-hospital in bogotá, colombia].evaluating the frequency of mycobacterium infection in an hiv-positive population and its influence on medium-term survival, along with clinical and epidemiological factors associated with co-infection.200717502967
molecular features of mycobacterium avium human isolates carrying a single copy of is1245 and is1311 per genome.human clinical isolates of the mycobacterium avium complex, from hospitals in bogotá, were studied using a wide range of molecular tests including pcr restriction-enzyme analysis (pra) of the hsp65 gene. up to 21 of the isolates were identified as m. avium pra variant iii (mav iii), a variant obtained only from isolates on the american continent. in contrast to previous reports, restriction fragment length polymorphism analysis using is1245 and is1311 showed a single copy for each insertion sequ ...200717559402
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