parasites of waterfowl, from southwest texas: iii. the green-winged teal, anas crecca.seventy of 72 green-winged teal, anas crecca, from southwest texas were infected with parasites. seventeen species of endoparasites were recorded: notocotylus attenuatus, zygocotyle lunata, typhlocoelum sisowi, echinostoma revolutum, hypoderaeum conoideum, dendritobilharzia pulverulenta, cloacotaenia megalops, sobolevicanthus gracilis, sobolevicanthus krabbeella, gastrotaenia cygni, amidostomum acutum, amidostomum anseris, tetrameres crami, echinuria uncinata, corynosoma constrictum, polymorphus ...19816788963
helminths and ectoparasites of the common snipe (capella gallinago l.) from southwest texas and monte vista national wildlife refuge, colorado.sixty common snipe, (capella gallinago), collected from hudspeth county, texas and 13 collected from monte vista national wildlife refuge, colorado were examined for metazoan parasites. the parasites recovered were cestoda: amoebotaenia fuhrmanni, haploparaxis brachyphallos, haploparaxis crassirostris, haploparaxis echinovatum, haploparaxis sp., hymenolepis calumnacantha, hymenolepis sp. i, hymenolepis sp. ii; trematoda: cyclocoelum mutabile, echinostoma revolutum, tanaisia fedtschenkoi; nematod ...19807463609
helminth fauna of sandhill crane populations in texas.three species of trematode [orchipedium jolliei schell, 1967; prohyptiamus grusi kocan, waldrup, ramakka, and iverson, 1982; echinostoma revolutum (froelich, 1802)], three species of nematode (tetrameres grusi shumakovich, 1946; synhimanthus sp.; contracaecum sp.), and one species of cestode (anomotaenia sp.) were recovered from 146 sandhill cranes, grus canadensis (linnaeus), collected in alaska, canada, and two areas in texas. the only common and abundant species were o. jolliei and t grusi. o ...19846492322
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