natural infection of rattus rattus by trypanosoma cruzi in panamá. 19704989282
host feeding profiles of rhodnius pallescens (hemiptera: reduviidae) in rural villages of central panama.rhodnius pallescens, reported to be the principal vector of chagas' disease in central panama, has been shown to feed on opossums, anteaters, sloths, rodents, birds and, rarely, lizards in sylvatic habitats in this country; however, the extent of its anthropophagic affinities in rural areas has never been determined. the host selections of 1,340 r. pallescens from domestic and peridomestic habitats of three panamanian villages were determined by microcapillary precipitin tests. slightly more tha ...19816782901
[clinical, electrocardiographic and angiographic evaluation of natural reservoirs of chagas' disease in the republic of panama].the authors studied two groups of natural animal reservoirs for trypanosoma cruzi: a wild one, the common rat rattus rattus and the house dog, canis canis. thirty one naturally infected rats were evaluated with a technique developed by the authors which allows the recording of the ecg and the performance of a ventricular angiogram without altering the functional capacity of the animal. forty four dogs were followed clinically for a period of twenty years to study the development of the cardiac l ...19958668820
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