a survey of taeniid cestodes in farm dogs in 1983-1988, dogs on 315 farms in powys, mid-wales, were purged once with arecoline acetarsol and the faecal purges were examined for cestodes. a few dogs were examined by autopsy. ninety-seven farms had at least one infected dog, and cestodes were found in 161 of the 882 dogs examined. the ovine strain of echinococcus granulosus was found in 41 dogs on 25 farms. taenia hydatigena, t. pisiformis, t. multiceps, t. serialis, t. ovis and dipylidium caninum were recovered from 85, 35, 15, 3, 19 and ...19921417204
the cestodes of foxhounds and foxes in powys, mid-wales.cestodes were found in 129 of 875 foxhounds from 20 packs in powys, mid-wales, examined by purging in 1983-1988, in the following order of prevalence: taenia hydatigena in 57 hounds (6.51%), echinococcus granulosus in 27 (3.09%), dipylidium caninum in 25 (2.86%), t. ovis in 14 (1.60%), t. pisiformis in 10 (1.14%), t. serialis in five (0.57%) and t. multiceps in four (0.46%). of 197 foxes examined by autopsy, 22 harboured cestodes: two (1.02%) had e. granulosus, nine (4.57%) t. polyacantha, eight ...19921417205
use of sentinel lambs for early monitoring of the south powys hydatidosis control scheme: prevalence of echinococcus granulosus and some other helminths.sentinel lambs were used to identify young echinococcus granulosus infections in sheep, to provide an early indication of the progress of the south powys hydatidosis control scheme. four sentinel lambs were purchased on each of 60 farms, from inside and outside the control area; they were examined when approximately six, 10 and 15 months of age. gross examination, thin slicing of organs and histological examination of the lesions in the viscera revealed no e granulosus hydatid cysts in lambs bor ...19911833872
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