modelling the vertical distribution of prochlorococcus and synechococcus in the north pacific subtropical ocean.a simple model was developed to examine the vertical distribution of prochlorococcus and synechococcus ecotypes in the water column, based on their adaptation to light intensity. model simulations were compared with a 14-year time series of prochlorococcus and synechococcus cell abundances at station aloha in the north pacific subtropical gyre. data were analysed to examine spatial and temporal patterns in abundances and their ranges of variability in the euphotic zone, the surface mixed layer a ...200717803782
temporal dynamics of prochlorococcus ecotypes in the atlantic and pacific better understand the temporal and spatial dynamics of prochlorococcus populations, and how these populations co-vary with the physical environment, we followed monthly changes in the abundance of five ecotypes-two high-light adapted and three low-light adapted-over a 5-year period in coordination with the bermuda atlantic time series (bats) and hawaii ocean time-series (hot) programs. ecotype abundance displayed weak seasonal fluctuations at hot and strong seasonal fluctuations at bats. furt ...201020463762
design and testing of 'genome-proxy' microarrays to profile marine microbial communities.microarrays are useful tools for detecting and quantifying specific functional and phylogenetic genes in natural microbial communities. in order to track uncultivated microbial genotypes and their close relatives in an environmental context, we designed and implemented a 'genome-proxy' microarray that targets microbial genome fragments recovered directly from the environment. fragments consisted of sequenced clones from large-insert genomic libraries from microbial communities in monterey bay, t ...200818028413
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