short report: new spotted fever group rickettsia in a rhipicephalus turanicus tick removed from a child in eastern sicily, italy.a new genotype of spotted fever group rickettsia (sfgr) was identified in rhipicephalus turanicus from eastern sicily. on the basis of current molecular criteria, the genetic characteristics obtained from multiple locus sequence typing satisfy the requirements for candidatus status of this sfgr. further detection and identification of this sfgr during entomological and clinical surveys will be required to establish the prevalence of this rickettsia and its potential pathogenicity for humans.201121212209
ticks infesting livestock on farms in western sicily, italy.the results of a 2-year survey on ticks infesting livestock on farms in western sicily, italy, are reported. several dogs living in the same area were also examined for ticks. moreover, free-living ticks from one cattle farm were caught by co(2) traps and flagging. a total of 6208 specimens was collected belonging to 9 species: rhipicephalus bursa (32.4%), rhipicephalus turanicus (22.7%), rhipicephalus sanguineus (19.3%), hyalomma lusitanicum (12.0%), haemaphysalis punctata (7.8%), hyalomma marg ...200616550337
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