status of brucellosis in free-ranging elk and bison in wyoming.brucella abortus is the causative agent of brucellosis, a disease enzootic in populations of free-ranging elk (cervus elaphus) and bison (bison bison) in the greater yellowstone ecosystem, usa. we define the distribution of the disease in elk throughout wyoming, usa, using three epidemiologic/geographic classifications based on winter-foraging opportunity. antibody prevalence for >3,300 yearling and adult, female elk, sampled from supplemental feedgrounds in western wyoming, usa, since 1985, was ...201020688637
brucellosis in free-ranging bison (bison bison) from teton county, wyoming.brucellosis was studied opportunistically in bison (bison bison) in the free-ranging jackson herd of approximately 120 in teton county, wyoming (usa) in march 1989. recent abortion was diagnosed in a 2-yr-old cow and brucella abortus biovar 1 was isolated from vaginal discharge, uterine contents, uterus, and supramammary lymph nodes. endometritis was characterized by lymphoplasmacytic infiltrates in the lamina propria and neutrophils in uterine glands and within necrotic debris and exudate in th ...19938445770
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