epizootiology of fascioliasis in montana.during 1989-1990, the united states department of agriculture (usda) meat inspection records were used to determine the distribution and incidence of liver flukes (fasciola hepatica and fascioloides magna) in montana cattle. of the cows and bulls slaughtered in usda-inspected packing plants during a 12 month time period, 17.24% had livers that were condemned because of liver flukes. this was a 12% increase over usda liver condemnations reported for 1973. infected animals have been reported from ...19921496783
distribution of potential intermediate hosts for fasciola hepatica and fascioloides magna in montana, usa.a collection of lymnaeid snails in montana was made over a 3 year period, in conjunction with a state-wide survey of the distribution of liver flukes in montana. collection areas were selected based on reports of infected cattle, sheep or wildlife, and with the intent of covering all geographic regions of the state. snails were found at all 97 of the locations chosen for collections, with lymnaeids collected at 71 of the locations. the 97 sites were located in 28 of montana's 56 counties. nine l ...19968638394
fascioloidiasis in game-ranched elk from montana.the distribution of fascioloides magna in game-ranched elk and the potential for spread of the parasite through movement of infected animals was examined in montana (usa). fecal samples (n = 448) collected from captive elk on 29 game ranches were examined for eggs of f. magna by fecal sedimentation. eggs were detected in elk on 5 ranches. this suggests that f. magna has been translocated by infected game-ranched elk. the wide distribution of snail intermediate hosts for f. magna in montana indic ...19979391977
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