distribution of streptococcus mutans biotypes in five human populations.the distribution of s mutans biotypes in five geographically separated human populations was investigated. samples of dental plaque were obtained from recruits at the us naval training center in orlando, fl (n=49) in san diego, calif (n=25), and in great lakes, ill (n=194), and from a sample of hawaiian school children (n=55) and saudi arabian navy personnel (n-217). cultural and biochemical methods were used for the isolation and identification of the five different biotypes of s mutans which c ...1977264866
xylitol-induced changes of enamel microhardness paralleled by microradiographic observations.the study, aimed to analyze the feasibility of a prospective field study, was carried out in polynesian children with rampant untreated caries. slabs of bovine enamel were inserted for 8-12 days in cavities and subsequently replaced by permanent fillings. before use, the surface of the slab was polished, and one half predemineralized and tested for microhardness. the follow-up in 30 subjects involved 54 slabs, 30 from negative controls with no added sweets and 24 from subjects receiving 20 g/day ...19938237308
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