the epidemiology of echinococcus granulosus in great britain. v. the status of subspecies of echinococcus granulosus in great britain.twenty-five years ago williams and sweatman suggested that in great britain there are two subspecies of echinococcus granulosus--e. granulosus granulosus and e. granulosus equinus. echinococcus granulosus granulosus does not mature either in foxes or in horses: e. granulosus equinus will mature in either. the prepatent period of e. granulosus granulosus in the definitive host is about 42 days while that of e. granulosus equinus is about 70 days. each subspecies has a characteristic morphology. m ...19892596902
the strange tale of martin van the eighteenth century, a pedestrian strolling around georgian london may have witnessed the bizarre sight of an ageing gentleman parading the streets on a painted horse and brandishing the jawbone of an ass. not only was this man an eccentric, he was also a dentist. david watkins here relates the remarkable story of martin van butchell, a dentist extraordinaire.19892695150
verocytotoxigenic escherichia coli o157 in animals on public amenity premises in england and wales, 1997 to the request of the public health authorities, 31 public amenity premises in england and wales containing animals of various species were investigated for the presence of verocytotoxigenic escherichia coli (vtec) o157 between 1997 and 2007, because of putative associations with human cases. vtec o157 was confirmed in one or more species on 19 (61.3 per cent) of the premises. there were significant associations between the presence of vtec o157 and the number of species sampled, the size of the ...200919411683
positron emission tomography/computed tomography in the management of recurrent/metastatic breast cancer: a large retrospective study from the royal marsden hospital.despite the increasing use of positron emission tomography/computed tomography (pet/ct) in the management of patients with breast cancer, its role is yet to be defined.201120624786
pathology of early-onset alzheimer's disease cases bearing the thr113-114ins presenilin-1 mutation.most cases of familial presenile alzheimer's disease are caused by mutations in the presenilin-1 (psen-1) gene, most of these mutations being missense mutations. a mutation in the splice donor site of intron 4 of psen-1 has been described recently which results in aberrant splicing of psen-1 mrna, causing insertion of an additional amino acid, thr113-114ins, into the protein. we studied the neuropathology of four cases bearing this mutation in an attempt to clarify the pathology of this heredita ...200011099448
contractility of lungs and air-tubes: experiments performed in 1840 by charles j.b. the 18th century, some medical practitioners considered the main pathological feature of asthma to be the production of mucus. later, during the 19th century, airway smooth muscle contraction was recognized to be a possible cause of airflow obstruction. however, not until 1840 was the contractility of airway smooth muscle clearly established by charles j.b. williams, a famous london physician. in a number of innovative experiments in dogs, rabbits, livestock and even donkeys, he showed: 1) th ...19948013615
children's informed consent to treatment: is the law an ass? 19947861423
[identification and diagnosis of taylorella equigenitalis by a dna amplification method (pcr)].a polymerase chain reaction (pcr) for identification of taylorella equigenitalis was developed. the oligonucleotide primers are based on the dna sequence of the rrs gene of t. equigenitalis, encoding for the 16s ribosomal rna. analysis of 21 strains of t. equigenitalis from england, usa and switzerland showed an amplification product of 410 bp with identical sau3a restriction profile. the sensitivity of the pcr-assay was estimated to detect 50 to 500 bacteria of t. equigenitalis in a mixture wit ...19968721184
pyrantel resistance in two herds of donkey in the uk.resistance to currently available anthelmintics is a serious phenomenon which is prevalent globally. cyathostomins are one of the major parasites, and are of primary concern in donkeys. there have been reports of emerging resistance to pyrantel, but the status of pyrantel resistance in donkey populations in the uk is largely unknown. this report investigates pyrantel resistance in two geographically isolated donkey herds in the south west of england. the first herd had suspected pyrantel resista ...201525576440
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