reactive trace element enrichment in a highly modified, tidally inundated acid sulfate soil wetland: east trinity, australia.this study examines the abundance of trace elements in surface sediments of a former acid sulfate soil (ass) wetland subjected to marine tidal inundation. sediment properties of this highly modified study site are compared with those of an adjacent unmodified, intertidal mangrove forest. whilst some trace elements (al, cd, mn, ni and zn) were clearly depleted due to mobilisation and leaching in the previous oxic-acidic phase, other trace elements (as and cr) displayed significant enrichment in t ...201020223484
a review of acid sulfate soil impacts, actions and policies that impact on water quality in great barrier reef catchments, including a case study on remediation at east estimated 666,000 ha of acid sulfate soils (ass) occur within the great barrier reef (gbr) catchments of queensland, australia. extensive areas have been drained causing acidification, metal contamination, deoxygenation and iron precipitation in reef receiving waters. the close proximity of ass to reef waters makes them a substantial threat to water quality. another important issue linked with ass is their release of soluble iron, which is known to stimulate nuisance marine algal blooms, in p ...200415757717
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