[helminth burden of slaughter sheep in upper bavaria. 1: species spectrum, infestation extent and infestation intensity].the helminth fauna of 136 slaughtered sheep (99 lambs < 1 year, and 37 sheep > or = 1 year) from upper bavaria, germany, was examined. in all 2 species of trematodes, 3 species of cestodes and 24 species of nematodes were found. all the animals harboured gastrointestinal nematodes, 9 of them liver flukes, 33 moniezia spp., 19 cysticercus tenuicollis, and one sheep setaria sp. lungworms were not seen. the most prevalent species were cooperia curticei (74.3%), trichuris ovis (69.1%), ostertagia ci ...19968694743
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