short report: human trichostrongylus colubriformis infection in a rural village in lahanam village, savannakhet province, laos, 125 of 253 villagers (49.4%) were found by fecal examination to harbor hookworm eggs. the eggs were heterogeneous in morphology and size, suggesting infections of mixed nematode species. to confirm the hookworm egg species, on a voluntary basis, 46 hookworm egg-positive participants were treated with albendazole, and post-treatment adult worms were collected from purged fecal samples. the common human hookworm was found in only 3 participants; 1 ca ...201121212201
prevalence and clinical aspects of human trichostrongylus colubriformis infection in lao pdr.there have been few studies on human trichostrongyliasis in southeast asia, information on its clinical manifestations is also sparse. trichostrongyliasis occurs predominantly in areas where poor hygiene is common especially where human/animal feces are used as a fertilizer, thereby contaminating vegetables and stream water. the intimate coexistence of domestic animals and humans explains the prevalence of trichostrongylus infection in such areas. the goal of the current study was to determine t ...201323318934
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