pancreatitis and palindromic arthropathy with effusions associated with sodium stibogluconate treatment in a renal transplant recipient.we report the occurrence of two side effects, pancreatitis and palindromic arthropathy with effusions, associated with injections of sodium stibogluconate used in the treatment of kala-azar. no clear mechanism to account for the problems was identified despite extensive investigation. we suggest that when abdominal pain is experienced during treatment with antimonial drugs pancreatitis should be borne in mind as a possible cause.19902166765
isoenzyme characterization of leishmania from man, dog and sandflies in the maltese a part of a general survey on leishmaniases and sandflies of the maltese islands, 22 leishmania stocks were isolated from human visceral (1) and cutaneous (1) cases, dogs (16) and sandflies (4). they were characterized by the analysis of 15 enzymes. the commonest mediterranean l. infantum zymodeme, mon 1, was found to cause human and canine visceral leishmaniasis; l. infantum mon 78, which has so far been isolated only in malta, was the agent of human cutaneous leishmaniasis. both zymodemes w ...19911887474
epidemiology of canine leishmaniasis: prevalence, incidence and basic reproduction number calculated from a cross-sectional serological survey on the island of gozo, malta.assessment of the resilience of canine leishmaniasis to control or, more ambitiously, the effort needed to eradicate infection, requires an estimate of the basic case reproduction number (r0). this paper applies the theoretical results of hasibeder, dye & carpenter (1992) to data from a cross-sectional survey on the maltese island of gozo in which dogs of known age, sex and occupation (pet, guard etc) were subjected to three different serological tests for the presence of specific antibody (ifat ...19921437274
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