burrowing owls, pulex irritans, and plague.western burrowing owls (athene cunicularia hypugaea) are small, ground-dwelling owls of western north america that frequent prairie dog (cynomys spp.) towns and other grasslands. because they rely on rodent prey and occupy burrows once or concurrently inhabited by fossorial mammals, the owls often harbor fleas. we examined the potential role of fleas found on burrowing owls in plague dynamics by evaluating prevalence of yersinia pestis in fleas collected from burrowing owls and in owl blood. dur ...201526367482
serologic testing of badgers to monitor plague in southwestern idaho.serologic testing of badgers (taxidea taxus) was used to monitor plague (yersinia pestis) in a townsend ground squirrel (spermophilus townsendi) population in 10,000 ha of the snake river birds of prey study area, idaho. eighty-six percent of the 294 sera tested in 1975 and in 1976 were positive. significantly fewer (72%) seropositives occurred in 1977. seasonal changes in the percentage of seropositives and the decline in 1977 were probably due to the phenology of the townsend ground squirrel a ...19836842729
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