a serological survey of rural dogs and cats on the southwestern canadian prairie for zoonotic pathogens.a survey for antibodies against agents of plague, tularemia, and rocky mountain spotted fever (rmsf), and against sin nombre hantavirus (snv), bartonella henselae and b. clarridgeiae was conducted in the summer of 1995 using serum from rural dogs and cats living in the vicinity of four public parks in southeastern alberta and southwestern saskatchewan. antibodies to all pathogens were detected in all survey areas. overall prevalence rates were 0.075 for yersinia pestis, 0.089 for francisella tul ...200111257996
tularemia, plague, yersiniosis, and tyzzer's disease in wild rodents and lagomorphs in canada: a review.information related to infection of wild rodents or lagomorphs in canada by francisella tularensis, yersinia pestis, other yersinia spp., and clostridium piliforme was searched for this study. reports on tularemia in humans linked to these species came from diagnostic databases, literature, wildlife health specialists, and public health agencies. tularemia has been diagnosed in 8 species of wild rodent and 2 species in the genus lepus in canada. tularemia occurred in wild animals, or in humans a ...200920190973
sylvatic plague in a canadian black-tailed prairie dog (cynomys ludovicianus).in 2010, a black-tailed prairie dog (cynomys ludovicianus) was found dead in grasslands national park, saskatchewan, canada. postmortem gross and histologic findings indicated bacterial septicemia, likely due to yersinia pestis, which was confirmed by molecular analysis. this is the first report of y. pestis in the prairie dog population within canada.201424807359
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