distinct clones of yersinia pestis caused the black death.from ad 1347 to ad 1353, the black death killed tens of millions of people in europe, leaving misery and devastation in its wake, with successive epidemics ravaging the continent until the 18(th) century. the etiology of this disease has remained highly controversial, ranging from claims based on genetics and the historical descriptions of symptoms that it was caused by yersinia pestis to conclusions that it must have been caused by other pathogens. it has also been disputed whether plague had t ...201020949072
chemical and biological weapons. implications for anaesthesia and intensive the wake of recent atrocities there has been renewed apprehension regarding the possibility of chemical and biological weapon (cbw) deployment by terrorists. despite various international agreements that proscribe their use, certain states continue to develop chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction. of greater concern, recent historical examples support the prospect that state-independent organizations have the capability to produce such weapons. indeed, the deliberate deployment ...200212378672
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