molecular characterization of sylvatic isolates of trichinella spiralis.genetic relationships of 20 trichinella isolates from indiana wildlife were assessed and compared to trichinella isolated from an infected swine herd. trichinella larvae were isolated from coyotes, mink, raccoons, and red foxes. the larvae were maintained and amplified in white mice (icr) and wild mice (peromyscus leucopus). differences in phenotypic characters of sylvatic isolates in the 2 laboratory hosts included an approximately 10-30-fold increase in parasite fecundity in wild mice. dna for ...19892542508
a repetitive dna probe specific for a north american sylvatic genotype of trichinella.a partial genomic dna library constructed in puc 13 using dna from a sylvatic isolate of trichinella spiralis (t. spiralis t5) was differentially screened with radiolabeled homologous genomic dna and with dna from t. spiralis t1. one clone was identified and designated pupb-3.7 which, by slot blot and southern blot analyses, reacted specifically with t. spiralis t5 dna and did not cross-react with dna from any other t. spiralis genotype. the 482-bp repetitive sequence which is 70% rich in a and ...19911762626
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