distribution of ice nucleation-active bacteria on plants in nature.a replica plating method for rapid quantitation of ice nucleation-active (ina) bacteria was developed. leaf washings of plant samples from california, colorado, florida, louisiana, and wisconsin were tested for the presence of ina bacteria. of the 95 plant species sampled, 74 were found to harbor ina bacteria. only the conifers were, as a group, unlikely to harbor ina bacteria. all of the ina bacteria isolated resembled either pseudomonas syringae or erwinia herbicola. sufficient numbers of ina ...1978736541
relationship between piercing-sucking insect control and internal lint and seed rot in southeastern cotton (gossypium hirsutum l.).in 1999, crop consultants scouting for stink bugs (hemiptera spp.) in south carolina discovered a formerly unobserved seed rot of cotton that caused yield losses ranging from 10 to 15% in certain fields. the disease has subsequently been reported in fields throughout the southeastern cotton belt. externally, diseased bolls appeared undamaged; internally, green fruit contain pink to dark brown, damp, deformed lint, and necrotic seeds. in greenhouse experiments, we demonstrated transmission of the ...201526470293
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