assessment of antimicrobial usage and residues in commercial chicken eggs from smallholder poultry keepers in morogoro municipality, tanzania.occurrence of antimicrobial residues in commercial chicken eggs was determined in morogoro municipality between january and february 2007. twenty smallholder farmers were interviewed on the types of antimicrobials, reasons of use and their awareness on antimicrobial withdrawal period. seventy egg samples were collected for qualitative antimicrobial drug residues analysis by use of agar well diffusion and delvotest sp assays. it was found that farmers use antimicrobial drugs as prophylaxis and tr ...201019486498
differences in resistance to salmonella enterica serovar gallinarum infection among indigenous local chicken ecotypes in tanzania.a study was conducted to evaluate the disease resistance potential in 105 chickens of six indigenous local chicken ecotypes in tanzania by orally challenging 1-week-old chicks with 2.5 x 10(8) colony-forming units of virulent s. gallinarum. for 14 days post infection, clinical signs, necropsy findings, antibody titres, packed cell volume, leukocyte population count, and viable bacterial cell counts in the liver and spleen were recorded. clinical signs were recorded daily but other parameters wer ...200616854638
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