recalcitrant hidradenitis suppurativa: an investigation of demographics, surgical management, bacterial isolates, pharmacologic intervention, and patient-reported health outcomes.hidradenitis suppurativa (hs) is characterized by chronic inflammation, recurrent abscesses, and scarring. surgery is performed when medical management and antibiotic therapy fails. this study sought to evaluate the demographics, surgical procedures, bacteriology, pharmacologic intervention, and quality of life of patients with recalcitrant hs requiring surgical intervention. a retrospective chart review was performed of 76 recalcitrant hs patients at the university of illinois medical center. p ...201627097631
handwashing machines, handwashing compliance, and potential for cross-contamination.although handwashing is considered an important factor in the prevention of nosocomial infections, the optimal technique has not been determined and compliance is often difficult to obtain. handwashing compliance is particularly important in intensive care areas of the hospital. in an effort to improve hw compliance, the surgical intensive care unit in our hospital purchased three handwashing machines. four months after installation of the handwashing machines, an outbreak of methicillin-resista ...19947985823
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