endophthalmitis in auckland 1983-1991.a review was made of 58 cases of suspected endophthalmitis presenting to auckland public hospital between january 1983 and july 1991 (103 months). thirty culture positive cases were found comprising 13 early onset postoperative, six delayed onset postoperative, five bleb-associated, four post-traumatic and two endogenous cases. the most frequent organism grown in postoperative endophthalmitis was staphylococcus epidermidis. no conclusion could be reached as to the effectiveness of early versus d ...19938148139
clinical parameters do not predict infection in patients with external ventricular drains: a retrospective observational study of daily cerebrospinal fluid analysis.a retrospective review was conducted of patients with external ventricular drains (evds) in situ in order to ascertain the utility of daily cerebrospinal fluid (csf) analysis in such patients. all laboratory requests for csf analysis, which were sent to the microbiology department, auckland city hospital, new zealand, were reviewed to identify patients with evds in situ. the patients' clinical records were reviewed and information was obtained regarding their age, ethnicity, indication for evd, ...200818201987
severe infective keratitis leading to hospital admission in new identify key risk factors and the management and outcome of severe infective keratitis leading to public hospital admission in new zealand.200312928276
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