a madagascar sponge batzella sp. as a source of alkylated iminosugars.three new c-alkylated iminosugars, batzellasides a (3), b (4), and c (5), along with the known halitoxin (2) polymer were isolated from a batzella sp. sponge, collected off the west coast of madagascar. although this class of azasugars is well known from terrestrial sources, our report represents the first examples of iminosugars from a marine organism. comparison with the properties of known natural and synthetic iminosugars assisted in the structure determinations. compounds 3-5 inhibited the ...200515679333
[acute epidemic hemorrhagic conjunctivitis (aehc) in madagascar 1991].an epidemic of a.e.h.c. was broken out everywhere in madagascar during hot season from september 1990 to may 1991 with an important acuteness in february and march. clinical symptoms are those of a.e.h.c. to enterovirus with some particularities. virological study shows cytopathogenic effect of enterovirus and microbiology shows the existence of several bacterial germs particularly staphylococcus epidermidis. the discovery of two cases of streptococcus pneumonia and the absence of chlamydia trac ...19948724808
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