a new depsidone and antibacterial activities of compounds from usnea undulata stirton.usnea undulata stirton (usneaaceae) is a fruticose lichen used locally in ethnoveterinary medicine to treat mammary infections in cattle while human beings use it for the treatment of wounds in eastern cape, south africa. bioactivity-guided fractionation of its extracts led to the isolation and characterization of a new depsidone, 2'-o-methylhypostictic acid (8), together with seven known compounds, i.e. methyl β-orsellinate (1), norstictic acid (2), menegazziaic acid (3), (+) usnic acid (4), hy ...201122115039
anti-staphylococcal, anti-hiv and cytotoxicity studies of four south african medicinal plants and isolation of bioactive compounds from cassine transvaalensis (burtt. davy) codd.medicinal plants represent an important opportunity to rural communities in africa, as a source of affordable medicine and as a source of income. increased patient awareness about safe usage is important as well as more training with regards to traditional medicine. the aim of this study was to evaluate the ethnomedicinal prowess of some indigenous south african plants commonly used in eastern cape province of south africa for the treatment of skin and respiratory tract infections, hiv and their ...201425522685
antibiotic producing potentials of three freshwater actinomycetes isolated from the eastern cape province of south africa.crude extracts of three actinomycetes species belonging to saccharopolyspora (tr 046 and tr 039) and actinosynnema (tr 024) genera were screened for antibacterial activities against a panel of several bacterial strains. the extracts showed antibacterial activities against both gram-negative and gram-positive test bacteria with inhibition zones ranging from 8 to 28 mm (tr 046); 8 to15 mm (tr 039); and 10 to 13 mm (tr 024). the minimum inhibitory concentrations ranged from 0.078 to 10 mg/ml (tr 04 ...201020717525
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