canine parvovirus infection in australia during 1980.a questionnaire sent to all veterinary practitioners in australia and many in new zealand asking for details of their experience with canine parvovirus infections in 1980 elicited the following information. in 1980 explosive outbreaks of disease occurred in most parts of australia. there was no obvious pattern of spread over the continent as a whole. in many cases outbreaks in country areas occurred after dog shows. canine parvovirus enteritis affected all age groups with an overall mortality of ...19827112869
companion animal disease surveillance: a new solution to an old problem?infectious disease surveillance in companion animals has a long history. however, it has mostly taken the form of ad hoc surveys, or has focused on adverse reactions to pharmaceuticals. in 2006 a blue ribbon panel was convened by the u.s. white house office of science and technology policy to discuss the potential utility of a national companion animal health surveillance system. such a system could provide fundamental information about disease occurrence, transmission and risk factors; and coul ...201122748174
canine parvovirus in australia: the role of socio-economic factors in disease identify clusters of canine parvoviral related disease occurring in australia during 2010 and investigate the role of socio-economic factors contributing to these clusters, reported cases of canine parvovirus were extracted from an on-line disease surveillance system. reported residential postcode was used to locate cases, and clusters were identified using a scan statistic. cases included in clusters were compared to those not included in such clusters with respect to human socioeconomic fac ...201222398131
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