airborne aspergillus fumigatus levels outside and within a large clinical center.most considerations of aspergillus fumigatus prevalence have implied that patterns of occurrence observed within london hospitals are generally applicable. since prevalence data are almost nonexistent elsewhere, this assumption remains untested. to provide a comparison relevant to north america, we have monitored thermotolerant fungi outside as well as at two sites within the university hospital, ann arbor, michigan, during one year. collections were made with paired andersen samplers and malt a ...1978350933
higher environmental relative moldiness index (ermism) values measured in detroit homes of severely asthmatic children.sieved vacuum bag dust from the homes of 143 children in detroit was analyzed by mold specific quantitative pcr (msqpcr) and the environmental relative moldiness index (ermism) was calculated for each home. children living in these homes were grouped as non-asthmatic (n=83), moderately asthmatic (n=28) and severely asthmatic (n=32) based on prescription medication usage for their asthma management (none, occasional and daily, respectively). the mean ermi for each group of homes was 6.2 for non-a ...200818280542
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