frequency of clinical isolation and winter prevalence of different aspergillus species at a large southwestern army medical center.the frequent occurrence of aspergillosis caused by species other than aspergillus fumigatus at brooke army medical center prompted the authors to study the prevalence of the different aspergillus species at brooke army medical center and at two other hospitals in san antonio, texas. two parameters were analyzed: (1) frequency of isolation from clinical specimens over a five-year period and (2) relative prevalence in the atmosphere during the late fall and early winter using volumetric air-sampli ...19827073023
antibodies to molds and satratoxin in individuals exposed in water-damaged buildings.immunoglobulin (ig)a, igm, and igg antibodies against penicillium notatum, aspergillus niger, stachybotrys chartarum, and satratoxin h were determined in the blood of 500 healthy blood donor controls, 500 random patients, and 500 patients with known exposure to molds. the patients were referred to the immunological testing laboratory for health reasons other than mold exposure, or for measurement of mold antibody levels. levels of iga, igm, and igg antibodies against molds were significantly gre ...200315143855
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