fungal contamination and determination of fumonisins and aflatoxins in commercial feeds intended for ornamental birds in rio de janeiro, brazil.the purposes of this study were to determine the distribution of total mycobiota, to determine the occurrence of aspergillus spp., penicillium spp. and fusarium spp. and to detect and quantify fumonisin b1 and aflatoxin b1 in birds' feedstuffs. sixty samples from different commercial feeds were collected. analysis of the total mycobiota was performed and total fungal counts were expressed as cfu g(-1). the isolation frequency (%) and relative density (%) of fungal genera and species were determi ...201323815153
ochratoxin a in serum of swine from different brazilian states.the aims of the current study were to monitor the presence of ochratoxin a (ota) in the serum of slaughtered swine and to investigate its distribution in 4 major geographical regions of brazil. a total of 400 samples of serum were collected from 4 major states of brazil (100 samples each). ochratoxin a concentrations were determined by high-performance liquid chromatography. in santa catarina state, 60% of the samples had ota concentrations ranging from 4.01 to 75.4 mg/l. in mato grosso state, 7 ...201020807935
isolation of fungi in musca domestica linnaeus, 1758 (diptera: muscidae) captured at two natural breeding grounds in the municipality of serop dica, rio de janeiro, brazil.the objective of this study was to isolate and identify fungal species found in natural association with adults of musca domestica. the adult insects were collected from two natural breeding grounds: hog pens and an urban sanitary landfill. the isolated fungi were identified as: aspergillus flavus (23.8%), a. niger var. niger (14.4%), penicillium corylophilum (21.4%), p. fellutanum (11.9%), cladosporium cladosporoides (4.7%), fusarium sp. (4.7%), alternaria alternata (11.9%), curvularia brachysp ...200312563474
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