fungal surveillance of an open haematology ward.air sampling and surveillance cultures for fungi were performed in a scottish general haematology ward over a five-month period in 1997. the mean total fungal count from the air sampling appeared to be correlated with the number of patients colonized by aspergillus. the most commonly isolated species were aspergillus versicolor, a. fumigatus and a. niger. rooms with portable air filtration units had significantly lower total fungal counts than the others. swabs were taken from 70 patients (mean ...200010973746
contaminated first-aid dressings: report of a working party of the a collaborative study 12 public health laboratory service laboratories and the division of hospital infection, central public health laboratory, investigated the degree of contamination of standard dressings produced by manufacturers in india or in england by a comparison of the results of culture of 25 sterilized dressings with those of 25 untreated dressings. of the 38 batches of dressings made in india 27 (71%) were judged contaminant and another six could be so judged when bacillus specie ...19836339612
kitchens as a source of aspergillus niger this study we investigated the epidemiology of a cluster of cutaneous infections owing to aspergillus niger, which occurred in neutropenic patients in a bone marrow transplant unit. heavy environmental contamination with the mould was found in the ward kitchen adjacent to the unit. the clinical and environmental isolates were typed by random amplification of polymorphic dna (rapd), which showed one of the patients was infected with the same strain as that isolated repeatedly from the kitchen ...19968690882
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