fungi associated with dried fish in sri lanka.the mycoflora of dried-salted fish from markets in kandy, sri lanka was studied with emphasis on visibly spoiled dried fish. a total of 61 fungal isolates from 25 dried-fish were isolated and identified. the most prevalent fungus was aspergillus niger. species of aspergillus flavus, a. fumigatus, a. glaucus, a. restrictus, aureobasidium spp. basipetospora halophila (a genuinely halophilic fungus) cladosporium herbarum, gliomastix, spp., penicillium chalybeum and penicillium expansum were present ...19902233981
survey of mycotic and bacterial keratitis in sri lanka.over a two-year period (1976-1977 and 1980-1981), 66 cases of bacterial and mycotic cases of keratitis were diagnosed in the eye clinic of the general hospital in kandy, sri lanka. the clinical and microbiologic aspects of these cases are described. noteworthy was the first known human case caused by paecilomyces farinosus, a geophilic species, commonly encountered as an insect parasite throughout the world. the bacterial and the other fungal etiologic agents isolated and identified were: pseudo ...19947984216
allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis among asthmatics.allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (abpa), an immunologically mediated lung disease is now well recognised as a significant cause of chronic lung disease in the west. this study aimed at determining the extent of this entity in 540 patients with severe bronchial asthma and 96 patients with mild or moderate asthma. of these 134 were subjected to detailed examinations in the form of a skin test, serological test, sputum examination and peripheral blood eosinophil count. eight patients (1.2% o ...19911913984
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