survey of termite-inhabited soil and mosquito breeding sites in lucknow, india for potential mycopathogens of anopheles stephensi.during a short survey of soil and mosquito breeding sites in lucknow, india for potential mycopathogen from a period of august-october 1996, 11 species of fungi in 5 genera were isolated using live mosquito larvae as host, aspergillus flavus, a. fumigatus and fusarium semitectum were the most frequently isolated species. other fungi recorded were a. niger, a. ochraceus, a. terreus, a. versicolor, geotrichum candidum, penicillium verrucosum, paecilomyces sp. and fusarium sp. (liseola/elegans comp ...199810481288
assessment of cymbopogon citratus (dc.) stapf essential oil as herbal preservatives based on antifungal, antiaflatoxin, and antiochratoxin activities and in vivo efficacy during storage.thirty-five randomly collected samples of stored table grapes (vitis vinifera l.) from different markets of gorakhpur city, uttar pradesh, india, revealed occurrence of 11 types of fungi. of which, aspergillus flavus, aspergillus niger, and aspergillus ochraceus were dominant causing severe decay of grapes with 58%, 52%, and 67% incidence, respectively. on screening of 15 essential oils at 0.33 μl/ml, cymbopogon citratus oil caused 100% mycelial inhibition against aforesaid dominant fungi. oil w ...201424547889
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