leptospirosis. 19705411608
four cases of leptospira canicola infection in england. 194818870103
canicola fever. 196514222558
serological and bacteriological survey of leptospiral infection in pigs in southern england.a total of 597 pigs were examined for serological and bacteriological evidence of leptospiral infection. the sample comprised 189 porkers, 205 baconers and 203 sows. sera were tested against 17 antigens from 16 serogroups and the overall prevalence of titres was 15.7 per cent. the lowest prevalence of titres was found in porkers (10.0 per cent). the highest prevalence of titres to an individual antigen was recorded with bratislava, a member of the australis serogroup, with 12.2 per cent of pigs ...19817323462
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