prevalence of enterocytozoon bieneusi in swine: an 18-month survey at a slaughterhouse in massachusetts.slaughterhouse pig samples were analyzed by pcr for enterocytozoon bieneusi infection. thirty-two percent were found to be positive, with rates being higher over the summer months. three isolates from pigs were identical in their ribosomal internal transcribed spacer sequence to human e. bieneusi type d, two were identical to type f (from a pig), and nine were previously unreported. the viability of these spores was demonstrated by their ability to infect gnotobiotic piglets. the presence of the ...200211976142
clinical features of microsporidiosis in patients with aids.microsporidia are protozoan parasites responsible for significant gastrointestinal disease in patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus. we report the clinical features of 20 patients with chronic diarrhea for whom microsporidian spores were identified by modified trichrome staining of stool smears and confirmed by biopsy and/or electron microscopy of stool. of the 18 microsporidian protozoa identified to the species level, 14 (78%) were enterocytozoon bieneusi and four (22%) were sept ...19947915548
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