new findings of enterocytozoon bieneusi in beef and dairy cattle in brazil.microsporidia are widely recognized as important human pathogens with enterocytozoon bieneusi as the most common species infecting humans and animals, including cattle. although brazil has the second largest cattle herd in the world and it is the largest exporter of beef there are no data on the presence or impact of e. bieneusi on this important population. to fill this knowledge gap, fecal specimens were collected from 452 cattle from pre-weaned calves to adult cattle in the state of rio de ja ...201626801594
first report of enterocytozoon bieneusi in pigs in brazil.although brazil is the world's fourth largest producer and exporter of pork, there is no information on enterocytozoon bieneusi in pigs. this study was undertaken to determine the presence of e. bieneusi in pigs in the state of rio de janeiro, brazil. fecal samples were collected from 91 pigs (1- to 12-month-old) in 10 properties and examined by molecular methods. the presence of e. bieneusi was determined by pcr and all pcr positive specimens were sequenced to determine the genotype by nucleoti ...201525582928
clinical and diagnostic aspects of intestinal microsporidiosis in hiv-infected patients with chronic diarrhea in rio de janeiro, brazil.the objectives of this study were to determine both the prevalence of microsporidial intestinal infection and the clinical outcome of the disease in a cohort of 40 hiv-infected patients presenting with chronic diarrhea in rio de janeiro, brazil. each patient, after clinical evaluation, had stools and intestinal fragments examined for viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens. microsporidia were found in 11 patients (27.5%) either in stools or in duodenal or ileal biopsies. microsporidial spores w ...200011136515
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