intestinal microsporidiosis in diarrheal patients infected with human immunodeficiency virus-1 in addis ababa, ethiopia.intestinal microsporidiosis is most commonly associated with persistent diarrhea in advanced aids cases. to determine the prevalence and clinical manifestations of this infection in hiv/aids patients, a single fresh stool sample and blood were collected from 243 (214 hiv-positive and 29 hiv-negative) diarrheal patients. the presence of intestinal microsporidiosis in the stool was determined by uvitex-2b staining and a pcr-based detection method. hiv screening was done by using elisa, and reactiv ...200617060696
detection of intestinal microsporidiosis in diarrhoeal patients infected with the human immunideficiency virus (hiv-1) using pcr and uvitex-2b stain.a total of 105 single fresh stool samples were collected from diarrhoeal patients with (80 hiv-positive and 25 hiv-negative) from the army and the police hospitals, addis ababa. the stool samples were processed by water-ether sedimentation method; they were stained with uvitex-2b technique for microscopic detection of intestinal microsporidium. a portion of all samples were preserved in 200microl pbs containing 2% pvpp ((polyvinylpolypyrolidone) for confirmation with pcr. 18/105(17.2%) of the ca ...200516370539
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