sporadic campylobacter jejuni infections in hawaii: associations with prior antibiotic use and commercially prepared chicken.campylobacter is the most common cause of bacterial foodborne illness in the united states, and hawaii has the highest rate of campylobacter jejuni infections in the nation. a case-control study was conducted to determine indigenous exposures that contribute to the high incidence of sporadic c. jejuni infection in hawaii. a total of 211 case patients with diarrhea and confirmed campylobacter infection was enrolled, along with 1 age- and telephone exchange-matched control subject for each patient ...200111237847
campylobacter jejuni enteritis in honolulu, hawaii.the incidence of campylobacter jejuni in patients with acute diarrhoea was studied in honolulu, hawaii. c. jejuni was recovered from 8.7% of diarrhoeal stools, compared to isolation rates of 4.2% for salmonella and 3.8% for shigella. c. jejuni occurred mainly in the summer and autumn, and in all age and racial groups. there was a significantly higher incidence of abdominal pain, fever history, bloody stools and faecal leucocytes in patients with campylobacter enteritis.19836636278
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