emergence of cotrimoxazole- and quinolone-resistant campylobacter infections in bone marrow transplant recipients.clinical and microbiological data were collected prospectively from 704 patients who underwent bone marrow transplantation (bmt) during an 11-year period (1991-2001), and the first two cases of campylobacter infection occurring in bmt recipients in the pre-engraftment period were identified. the two cases occurred on days 2 and 3 post-bmt, respectively. both patients had campylobacter jejuni enteritis, and one case was complicated by bacteraemia. in both cases the presenting symptoms were indist ...200211939393
a one-year survey of campylobacter enteritis and other forms of bacterial diarrhoea in hong kong.the following enteropathogens were isolated from the faeces of 769 (10.2%) of 7,545 patients of whom 5,704 had diarrhoea or abdominal pain, attending a teaching hospital in hong kong during one year: salmonellae 458 (6.1%); vibrio parahaemolyticus 125 (1.7%); campylobacters 108 (1.4%); shigellae 83 (1.1%); others 19 (0.3%). further identification of the campylobacter isolates showed that 63 (58%) were campylobacter jejuni biotype 1, 44 (41%) were c. coli and only one was c. jejuni biotype 2. sev ...19853973381
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