enhanced measles surveillance during an interepidemic period in describe results of the first two years of enhanced measles surveillance in victoria.200010735021
the age-specific prevalence of human parvovirus immunity in victoria, australia compared with other parts of the world.the age-specific immunity to human parvovirus infection was estimated in victoria, australia using prospectively collected samples from the royal children's hospital, the royal women's hospital and the australian red cross blood service and from sera stored at the victorian infectious diseases reference laboratory (vidrl). all testing was performed at vidrl using a commercial enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (biotrin). of the 824 sera tested, 28% of those drawn from people aged 0-9 years contai ...200010982069
seroprevalence of varicella zoster virus, parvovirus b19 and toxoplasma gondii in a melbourne obstetric population: implications for an antenatal clinic at a melbourne obstetric hospital, 308 women were questioned about a known past history of infection with varicella zoster virus (vzv), human parvovirus b19 and toxoplasma gondii. immunoglobulin g (igg) concentrations were determined for the 3 infectious agents and a recalled history of infection was compared with the presence of specific antibody. exactly 66% of women recalled being infected with chickenpox (vzv) and 94% showed serological evidence of past exposure. altho ...200111284642
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