treatment of chromomycosis with terbinafine: preliminary results of an open pilot an open trial, long courses (6-12 months) of terbinafine at a dosage of 500 mg/day were administered orally to 43 patients with a diagnosis of chromomycosis. sixteen patients (37.2%) had previously relapsed after one or two courses of thiabendazole. a spectacular improvement in the lesions, including disappearance of bacterial superinfections and of associated oedema and elephantiasis, was observed as soon as 2-4 months after the beginning of treatment. the mean number of fungal cells in skin ...19968763467
[natural history of chromoblastomycosis in madagascar and the indian ocean] [natural history of chromoblastomycosis in madagascar and the [natural history of chromoblastomycosis in madagascar and the indian ocean].the natural history of chromoblastomycosis was studied in madagascar by analysing the characteristics of 1323 confirmed cases observed since 1955, including 45 patients receiving a new antifungic drug (terbinafine) during a multicentric study organized in 1995. the surveys data, conserved by the histopathology laboratory in the institut pasteur of madagascar during 40 years, permit this retrospective analysis. the description of two ecosystems, one in the north with fonsecaea pedrosoi evolving i ...19979507759
humoral immune response in chromoblastomycosis during and after therapy.a longitudinal study was carried out in madagascar, the most important focus of chromoblastomycosis (p. esterre, a. andriantsimahavandy, e. ramarcel, and j. l. pecarrere, am. j. trop. med. hyg. 55:45-47, 1996), to investigate natural immunity to this disease. sequential blood samples were obtained before, during, and at the end of a successful therapeutic trial with terbinafine, a new antifungal drug. using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoblot methods, detailed analyses of antibody c ...200010799467
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