survey for antibodies to viruses of bovine virus diarrhea, bluetongue, and epizootic hemorrhagic disease in hunter-killed mule deer in new mexico.sera from male mule deer (odocoileus hemionus) collected in november 1977 in otero county, new mexico were tested fro antibodies to bovine virus diarrhea virus (bvdv), bluetongue virus (btv), and epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (ehdv). neutralizing antibodies were detected in 26 of 76 (34%) sera tested for bvdv (titer greater than or equal to 1:16). of 46 sera tested for antibodies to btv and ehdv, 10 (22%) and 3 (7%), respectively, were positive. three (7%) of 46 sera were suspect (titer < ...19806256331
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