testing of bulk tank milk from northern ireland dairy herds for viral rna and antibody to bovine viral diarrhoea virus.bulk tank milk samples collected from 929 northern ireland dairy herds were classified according to their geographical location, somatic cell count and milk yield. each sample was tested by elisa for antibody levels to bovine viral diarrhoea virus (bvdv) and the herds were assigned to four groups with increasing antibody levels. in nine herds (1 per cent) no antibodies were detectable in the milk samples (group 1) and they were detectable at low levels in the milk from 90 herds (9.7 per cent, gr ...200111558660
pestiviral infections in sheep and pigs in northern ireland.serological surveys were carried out to determine the prevalence of pestiviral infections in sheep and pigs in northern ireland. sera from 918 ewes in 92 flocks from 10 regions were tested by elisa for antibodies to border disease virus and positive results were obtained from 49 ewes (5.3 per cent) in 28 flocks (30.4 per cent). there were highly significant geographical variations in its flock prevalence ranging from 0 per cent in the enniskillen region to 70 per cent in the coleraine region. th ...200112503593
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