the distribution of antibodies to border disease virus among sheep in england and wales.within a sample of the sheep population of england and wales, 10.8 per cent of 3506 individuals had immunodiffusion test antibody to bovine viral diarrhoea mucosal disease virus antigen. there were marked differences between various geographical regions in the proportion of sheep with antibody, and border disease may be more common in some areas than disease records indicate.1978214835
serological studies of mucosal disease virus in england and wales.a survey of the cattle population in england and wales showed that about 62 per cent of animals had neutralising (sn) antibody to bvd-md virus in their serum. fewer seropositive individuals were detected by immunodiffusion (53 per cent), and complement fixation (cf) tests (34 per cent). the prevalence of antibody was not affected by herd size, but some variation was found between various regions of the country, and the proportion of animals seropositive rose markedly with age. the immunodiffusio ...1978203990
indications of a relationship between buying-in policy and infectious diseases on dairy farms in wales.during the period february to may 2008, bulk milk samples were collected from 57 dairy farms throughout wales in the framework of a voluntary somatic cell count project. bulk milk samples were tested for antibodies to bovine viral diarrhoea virus (bvdv), bovine herpesvirus type 1 (bhv-1) and leptospira hardjo, and samples were also tested for the presence of bvdv antigen by pcr. a questionnaire was used to determine whether the herd was open or closed, what the vaccination status was, and to obt ...201021257463
genetic typing of bovine pestiviruses from england and wales.using rna purified directly from stored clinical specimens, a collection of 62 pestiviruses were typed by rt-pcr and sequencing within the 5'-untranslated region of the genome. all the specimens had been obtained in 1966/1967 from diary cattle in england and wales. eight further pestiviruses, grown in cell culture, were characterised in the same way. seven of these viruses were representatives of a panel of british isolates, obtained from cattle ten years before. the eighth was the virus used in ...199910535769
prevalence of antibodies to bovine virus diarrhoea virus and other viruses in bulk tank milk in england and wales.bulk tank milk samples from 1070 dairy herds in england and wales were tested by elisa for antibodies to bovine virus diarrhoea virus (bvdv). a subset of 341 herds was tested by elisa for antibodies to bovine herpesvirus 1 (bhv-1), bovine respiratory syncytial virus (brsv) and bovine coronavirus (bcv). none of the herds had less than 40 dairy cows and none had been vaccinated against bvdv. the prevalence of bvdv antibody-positive herds in the national population was estimated at 95 per cent and ...19989586130
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