an outbreak of q fever probably due to contact with a parturient cat.thirty-three cases (24 definite, nine probable) of q fever were diagnosed in victoria county, cape breton, nova scotia from may to august, 1985. twenty-six of the cases occurred in residents of baddeck (population 900, attack rate 2.8 percent), and 21 of the cases occurred during the month of june. there was geographic clustering of the cases: 14 of the 33 (42 percent) lived or worked in four buildings located side by side in the center of town. a case control study revealed that 25 of 29 cases ...19883335174
endocarditis due to q fever in nova scotia: experience with five patients in 1981-1982.q fever endocarditis is rarely reported in north america; only four cases have been documented since 1953. in 1981-1982, five cases were identified in the victoria general hospital, halifax, nova scotia. four patients were from widely separated areas of nova scotia and one was from prince edward island. four patients with long-standing valvular abnormalities, including two with prosthetic valves, presented with recurrent febrile episodes. the fifth patient, who was previously well, had recurrent ...19836655300
q. fever serum antibodies in british columbia cattle. 196113774834
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