seroprevalences of brucellosis, q-fever and toxoplasmosis in slaughter livestock in trinidad.serum samples obtained from livestock (cattle, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats and water buffaloes) slaughtered at various slaughter houses in trinidad were screened for agglutinins to three zoonosis causing pathogens. of a total of 751 sera tested, 2 (0.3%) originating from chickens were positive for brucella abortus agglutinins using the rose bengal test (rbt), but both were negative by the tube serum agglutination test (sat). thirty-six (4.8%) of 749 sera were positive for coxiella burnetii aggl ...19968881416
frequency of seropositivity for coxiella burnetii immunoglobulins in livestock and abattoir workers in trinidad.coxiella burnetii is a zoonotic, rickettsial pathogen which causes mild and severe diseases often referred to as q-fever in humans, particularly those occupationally exposed. this study determined the seropositivity for coxiella burnetii igm immunoglobulins using the enzyme immunoassay (eia) in livestock and abattoir workers in trinidad and related to selected personal characteristics to seroprevalence. overall, of the 455 humans whose serum samples were tested, 20 (4.4%) were seropositive for c ...201121617835
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