seroprevalence of coxiella burnetii antibodies in human immunodeficiency virus-positive patients in jacarepaguá, rio de janeiro, brazil. 200919298403
zoonotic pathogens in atlantic forest wild rodents in brazil: bartonella and coxiella infections.zoonotic pathogens comprise a significant and increasing fraction of all emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases that plague humans. identifying host species is one of the keys to controlling emerging infectious diseases. from march 2007 until april 2012, we collected a total of 131 wild rodents in eight municipalities of rio de janeiro, brazil. we investigated these rodents for infection with coxiella burnetii, bartonella spp. and rickettsia spp. in total, 22.1% (29/131) of the rodents wer ...201728077317
molecular identification of q fever in patients with a suspected diagnosis of dengue in brazil in 2013-2014.q fever is an important cause of undifferentiated fever that is rarely recognized or reported in brazil. the objective of this study was to look for the presence of coxiella burnetii during a dengue fever outbreak in the municipality of itaboraí, rio de janeiro, brazil, where this bacterium had previously infected humans and domesticated animals. blood samples from clinically suspected dengue fever patients were tested by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) for c. burnetii; the dna was detected in n ...201626928831
molecular identification of the agent of q fever - coxiella burnetii - in domestic animals in state of rio de janeiro, brazil.over the last recent years, the number of q fever cases have has increased throughout the world. an epidemiological investigation was performed in the area in which the first molecular documentation of q fever in brazil was previously reported.201424861300
bartonella and coxiella infective endocarditis in brazil: molecular evidence from excised valves from a cardiac surgery referral center in rio de janeiro, brazil, 1998 to 2009.pcr was used to detect coxiella burnetii and bartonella spp in heart valves obtained during the period 1998-2009 from patients operated on for blood culture-negative endocarditis in a cardiac surgery hospital in brazil. of the 51 valves tested, 10 were pcr-positive; two were positive for bartonella and one for c. burnetii.201323219032
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