aetiology and epidemiology of infective endocarditis in england and wales.comparing data relating to the estimated incidence of infective endocarditis and deaths due to this condition highlights the changing age and sex patterns over the last 50 years. using these data it is estimated that about 20 cases per million population per year can now be expected many of whom will be aged 65 years or more. about 20% of cases die. viridans streptococci are responsible for almost half the cases of endocarditis, faecal streptococci for 11%, staphylococci for 20% and coxiella bur ...19873316164
the occurrence of coxiella burnetii in north-western england and north wales. a report from five laboratories of the public health laboratory service. 19695278153
q-fever endocarditis in england and wales, 1975-81.endocarditis was recorded in 92 (11%) of 839 confirmed q-fever infections reported for the communicable disease report by laboratories between 1975 and 1981; q-fever endocarditis accounted for approximately 3% of all cases of endocarditis reported. two-thirds of the 92 reports were of men, and in both men and women endocarditis affected mainly young and middle-aged adults. only one-third of q-fever endocarditis patients were noted to have an underlying heart-valve lesion. there were also 30 repo ...19826129519
epidemiological features of coxiella burnetii infection in england and wales: 1984 to 1994.q fever is an important zoonosis caused by the rickettsial organism coxiella burnetii, which can result in life threatening illness, especially in those with an underlying cardiac defect. c. burnetii infections in england and wales reported to the phls communicable disease surveillance centre between 1984 and 1994 were reviewed. a total of 1117 cases were reported, a third of which came from the south western region. the annual totals fell over this period. the mean age of cases was 45 years, an ...19968810119
prevalence of q fever in a rural practice.q fever is a world-wide condition caused by the rickettsia coxiella burnetii. it appears more prevalent in agrarian communities and may have serious sequelae.19979347458
prevalence of antibodies to coxiella burnetii (q fever) in bulk tank milk in england and the united kingdom, the infection of people with coxiella burnetii, the causative agent of q fever, is of significant public health importance and is associated with contact with dairy cattle. an elisa was developed for the detection of igg antibodies against c burnetii in bulk tank milk, and in a survey of randomly selected samples from dairy herds in england and wales, 21 per cent showed serological evidence of c burnetii infection.199910378278
the public health laboratory service (phls) and its role in the control of zoonotic disease.the aetiology of zoonotic infections embraces organisms from every branch of the microbial world. in addition, zoonoses must be considered as a truly global problem, both in terms of their distribution and the measures required for their control. within the uk, zoonotic disease is considered to be less frequent than in some less developed parts of the world. however, its contribution to overall morbidity and mortality within the uk population is not well established. in an attempt to define the ...200010913770
q fever--a forgotten disease? 200212467686
an analysis of q fever patients 6 years after an outbreak in newport, wales, uk.a cohort of 211 factory workers was exposed to a point source of q fever in 2002. a total of 38 cases and 14 controls took part in a follow-up study 6 years after the outbreak.201222771556
q fever in an urban the summer of 1981 29 patients living in gwent, south wales, had q fever; 20 were diagnosed by routine clinical and laboratory services and 9 were discovered by active case-finding. the date of onset of symptoms spanned a 2-month period. the peak incidence was at the end of june. a case-control study showed an association with one area on the outskirts of newport. most patients had no direct contact with farms of farm animals and a common source of infection could not be identified. the most ...19826122818
q fever in south wales. 195613378361
an outbreak of q fever in a rural district of central wales; a report to the public health laboratory service. 195613288398
q fever in north wales. 195015437927
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