[investigation of coxiella burnetii contamination in commercial milk and pcr method for the detection of c. burnetii in egg].a total of 244 milk samples collected from supermarkets in tokyo were examined for contamination with coxiella burnetii. c. burnetii dna was detected in 131 (53.7%) of the samples by nested pcr. pcr-positive samples were injected into immunosuppressed a/j strain mice. of the 22 pcr-positive milk samples tested, none resulted in isolation of c. burnetii from the mice. heat-treatment was sufficient to inactivate c. burnetii in commercial milk. in addition, a pcr detection method for c. burnetii in ...200516042294
[development of effective detection method for coxiella burnetii in mayonnaise by real-time pcr and investigation of c. burnetii contamination in commercial mayonnaise in tokyo].a pcr method for the effective detection of coxiella burnetii in commercially available mayonnaise was developed. sample preparations were isolated from 50 g portions of each mayonnaise product by four successive extraction steps in phosphate buffer with 2.0 m nacl. these extracts were then centrifuged at 20,000 x g for 60 min. dna was isolated from the solution containing the precipitate with a commercial kit, and amplified quantitatively using real-time pcr that targeted the com1 region of c. ...200616619850
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