investigation of coxiella burneti infection as a possible cause of chronic liver disease in man.the possible role of coxiella burneti as a cause of chronic liver disease in man was investigated in cyprus. serology, using the complement fixation test and phase 1 and phase 2 antigens, was performed on 16 patients with cryptogenic cirrhosis and two patients with chronic active hepatitis. antibody studies were also done on 106 adult cypriot villagers and on 13 shepherds from flocks infected with c. burneti, to provide a base line for comparative purposes. no evidence was found to implicate the ...1979555068
q fever and animal abortion in cyprus.seventy-eight british soldiers stationed in the eastern sovereign base area (esba) in cyprus contracted q fever in the period december 1974 to june 1975. pneumonia developed in 59% of cases. of 31 patients tested, 81% had biochemical evidence of hepatitis although only one became clinically jaundiced. three patients (4%) suffered pericarditis. treatment with tetracycline had no apparent effect on the course of the disease. investigation revealed an abortion epidemic involving 21 mixed flocks of ...1977558666
serum q fever antibodies in swedish un soldiers in cyprus--reflecting a domestic or foreign disease?swedish soldiers from 2 battalions serving in cyprus 1975 and 1976 were tested serologically for coxiella burnetii phase 2 complement-fixing antibodies. 2.7% were positive. although none of the seropositive soldiers had been seriously ill abroad, the titers are considered to emanate from an infection in cyprus as there is no evidence of domestic q fever from a survey of 1390 swedes.1978675166
abortion in sheep and goats in cyprus caused by coxiella burneti. 1976986099
q-fever control in cyprus--recent progress. 19854027560
q fever in cyprus report of cases and a survey of united nations personnel. 19744838715
q fever in cyprus: a short review. 19817306776
isolation of coxiella burnetii by a centrifugation shell-vial assay from ticks collected in cyprus: detection by nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr) and by pcr-restriction fragment length polymorphism analyses.ticks are the principal vectors and reservoirs of coxiella burnetii. the identification of isolates is necessary for understanding the clinical diversity of q fever in different geographic areas. this is the first report of isolation of c. burnetii from ticks by the shell-vial assay and by nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr) assay for the detection of this pathogen in ticks. of 141 ticks collected in cyprus (rhipicephalus sanguineus and hyalloma spp.), 10% were found to be infected with c. bu ...200212135275
active surveillance of q fever in human and animal population of cyprus.a long-term active surveillance of q fever was conducted in cyprus organized in two phases.200616539741
epidemiological study of q fever in humans, ruminant animals, and ticks in cyprus using a geographical information system.a cross-sectional study of q fever was conducted in a representative sample of the human and animal population in cyprus in order to assess the seroprevalence of q fever and the prevalence of related risk factors. a total of 583 human and 974 ruminant animal serum samples were collected and tested for the detection of antibodies against coxiella burnetii phase ii antigen using an indirect immunofluorescent assay. one hundred forty-one ticks were collected from the infested animals examined; the ...200616915398
carriage of rickettsia spp., coxiella burnetii and anaplasma spp. by endemic and migratory wild birds and their ectoparasites in cyprus. 200919281460
rats as indicators of the presence and dispersal of six zoonotic microbial agents in cyprus, an island ecosystem: a seroepidemiological study.a total of 622 rats (402 rattus norvegicus and 220 r. rattus frugivorus) were collected in 51 different areas in cyprus during 2000-2003 and used as indicators of the presence and dispersal of six zoonotic microbial agents. igg antibodies against rickettsia typhi (241/496, 48.6%), r. conorii (209/500, 41.8%), toxoplasma sp. (138/494, 27.9%), coxiella burnetti (63/494, 12.8%), bartonella henselae (52/494, 10.5%) and leishmania infantum (36/494, 7.3%) were detected by indirect immunofluorescence t ...201020870259
q fever abortions in ruminants and associated on-farm risk factors in northern cyprus. 201121414196
tick-borne bacteria in mouflons and their ectoparasites in cyprus.the cypriot mouflon (ovis orientalis ophion), a once almost extirpated species of wild sheep, is under strict surveillance because it can be threatened by likely transmission of pathogenic bacteria, such as anaplasma spp., rickettsia spp., and coxiella burnetii, primarily from domestic ungulates. we collected 77 blood samples from cypriot mouflons and 663 of their ectoparasites (rhipicephalus turanicus, rhipicephalus sanguineus, rhipicephalus bursa, hyalomma anatolicum excavatum, hyalomma margin ...201121441182
presence of coxiella burnetii in fleas in cyprus.over 40 tick species are naturally infected by coxiella burnetii. however, little is known about the presence of c. burnetii in other ectoparasites such as fleas. during a 6-year (2000-2006) study, 1147 fleas were collected from 652 animals (252 rats, 118 foxes, and 282 hares) captured from different areas of cyprus. three flea species-xenopsylla cheopis, ctenocephalides felis, and c. canis-were identified. fleas were pooled (153 pools) and tested by pcr for the presence of c. burnetii. the path ...201425198524
coxiella burnetii in wildlife and ticks in an endemic area.ticks are considered to be a natural reservoir of coxiella burnetii and are responsible for the spread of infection in wild animals and for the transmission to domestic animals. more than 40 tick species are naturally infected with c. burnetii. in cyprus, few studies have been carried out on the distribution and incidence of c. burnetii infection in wildlife and the threat that infected wild animals pose to humans and domestic animals remains uncertain.201425163752
q fever in cyprus. 1976951195
the question of q fever in cyprus. 195114926355
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